small pantry organization

Tips for Small Pantry Organization

Get your small pantry under control with these organization tips! Mason Lansing Self Storage is the Mason, MI, area’s choice for quality storage units and reliable service. When you find an efficient solution for storing your pantry items in your home, look to Mason Lansing Safe Storage to help you make room around the rest of the house. Follow these tips to start your small pantry organization!

small pantry organization

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Top Tips for Small Pantry Organization & Efficiency

Consider All Creative Possibilities

Maybe you do not have much traditional pantry space as far as a closet or cabinets. Get creative with your pantry solutions! Do you have an open wall somewhere in your kitchen that can hold open shelves? Perhaps you have hallway space that might fit a storage mechanism for your pantry items. Think outside the box to create a unique home space.

See If a Pull-Out Pantry Will Fit Your Space

Tired of finding old, expired food in the back of your pantry because you didn’t know it was there? A pull-out pantry might solve a lot of your spatial problems in the kitchen. Items do not get hidden in the back corners, and you still the option to tuck away items out of sight. See if a pull-out pantry will fit in your space!

Keep Food Containers Under Control

If your food container collection looks like a mismatched mess, then spend some time on creating a system that can keep it straight. Stack the bottoms into one another as they fit, and pack in the tops next to the bottoms vertically so you can see the lid that you need.

Designate Areas by Categories

One of the first things you can do to create an organized space is to store like items together. That way you always know where to look for specific items. Structure your pantry with these common categories:

  • Beverages
  • Bottles
  • Bread
  • Breakfast Food
  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Snacks
  • Spices

Stack When You Can

Items like cans and boxes can easily be stacked in and around each other to make an efficient use of space. Pack the heavier, sturdier items in on the bottom as a foundation, and stack lighter ones on top.

Create More Space with Mason Lansing Safe Storage in Mason, MI

As you begin to find a small pantry organization system that work for you and your home, use nearby self storage to support your other storage spaces at home. Keep everything you need day to day easily accessible in your home storage, and store the rest with Mason Lansing Safe Storage. You can choose between our indoor and outdoor storage units to get the job done.

Our indoor storage units are temperature-controlled, so your belongings stay secure through any Michigan season. Ask our storage experts if our temperature-controlled storage units would be right for you! You can rent your storage unit completely contact-free through our online rentals. Get started today by searching our available storage units for the size and features you need. Then rent in just a few clicks!

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