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how to pack a storage unit

How to Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently

If you’re a tenant who’s looking for advice on how to maximize the space in your storage unit, then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to providing reliable self storage space, Mason Lansing Safe Storage is also your resource for expert storage and packing advice. From properly preparing items before storing them to utilizing all the space within the unit, we can find strategies to save you both time and money. Learn how to efficiently pack your self storage unit!

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Create a Game Plan

When packing your storage unit with bulky and heavy furniture items, place the largest pieces near the back of the space. This gives you plenty of space to work around, and you are able to stack other items on top of the furniture (weight permitting). Leave room in the front of your storage unit to create a convenient center aisle with easy access on all sides. This allows you to quick get to any objects that may be swapped in and out of storage frequently.

how to pack a storage unit

2. Give Everything a Designated Spot

Take advantage of the plastic bins and boxes that you have at your disposal. Collect loose items, and pack them away carefully. Boxy shapes are easier to organize and maneuver around a storage unit. When packing away items with unusual shapes, make sure you are wary of how full and heavy the box gets. Fill in extra space with padding to avoid damage as the boxes are moved.

Do you need reliable boxes before you start packing? Mason Lansing Safe Storage sells all kinds of packing supplies in our storage office, including boxes, bubble wrap, box cutters, moisture absorbers, and more.

3. Label for Future Reference

How can you tell which container was holding is holding your Christmas decorations versus the one that is holding your summer clothes? There is a reason you hear labeling as one of the biggest organization tips. Taking a few extra minutes to note the contents of each box will save you lots of time in the future. Even if you do not wish to mark every single box, you can create a cheat sheet/map of your storage unit to identify where specific items are.

Find Self Storage with Mason Lansing Safe Storage

Now that you know how to pack up your storage unit, you are ready to begin your organization project. Start by finding self storage near you!

Mason Lansing Safe Storage offers a variety of different storage options to cater to different needs. Drive-up storage units provide convenience and allow you to unload directly from your vehicle into the storage unit. You can minimize heavy lifting while also saving time with an efficient packing process. Indoor storage units can offer you peace of mind by maintaining temperature-controlled conditions. This gives your belongings optimal conditions for long-term storage, protecting against damage from fluctuations and moisture.

Talk to our storage professionals over the phone or in person to see which of our storage units are right for you!

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