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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How can you get rid of clothes moths? When individuals are sifting through their stuff for spring cleaning, this is a frequent question. Clothes moths are not an amusing surprise to discover when you are organizing, but there are things you can do about it and avoid future damage. Keep an eye out for any rips or tears in clothing or textiles that have been kept in a dark place. Follow Mason Lansing Safe Storage’s tips below on how to get rid of clothes moths and prevent them from finding their way into your storage unit.

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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths (in Home Storage & Storage Units)

Identify the Moths

Do you actually have clothes moths? If you notice a moth in your home, do not worry right away. Many moths that might find their way into your home are after plants, not your clothing. Only two moth species are a threat to your clothes: the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth—both a yellow or gray color, about 1 cm long. 

Next, look for holes. You will be able to identify a clothes moth by the web left behind on the material. The moths’ babies are actually the root of the problem, not the adult moths. They prefer dark, humid spaces and prefer to eat materials like wool, cashmere, and fur that come from animals. 

Clean Your Clothes and Space

OK, so you’ve identified the clothes moths. Now what? 

You should dispose of unusable materials, such as rugs, that have been destroyed beyond the point of recovery. Wash mildewed textiles with warm water or dry cleaning to salvage items with only minor damage. Before attempting to wash your clothes, check the tags. You will also want to clean your storage space, whether that be a closet, attic, basement, or storage unit. Vacuum the area and immediately throw away the vacuum bag. If you are dealing with a carpeted space, it may also be worth it to steam clean the area for safe measures.  

Learn to Prevent Future Clothes Moths

Now that you’ve eliminated the immediate concern, it’s time to put up some safeguards for the future. Pack all of your remaining belongings into sealed containers or bags. If you want to use garment bags, tape up any potential hole sites, such as seams, for added protection and peace of mind. Another option is to move your storage space around frequently—reorganizing, swapping items in and out, etc. These moths dislike movement and light, so do your best to keep your storage unit from becoming a dark, moist environment. Visiting your storage unit often will give you the opportunity to open up your storage unit to allow for ventilation.

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